Fixing the front teeth

The first thing people notice when we are laughing at the teeth are the front teeth, there is even a study that supports it. To be more precise, units are the first teeth to notice and if not the most common reasons for this are the following:

Tooth shade

The tooth color may sometimes be equalized by whitening at home or in the clinic, but in cases where the tooth is too dull or dull it is no longer possible. This is most commonly occurring when a tooth has a trauma associated with bleeding in the teeth. Then the best solution is ceramic floss or even dental crown.









Tooth size

The most common objection to the front teeth is their non-proportional size. The teeth are either too small or too large. Toothbrushes can be minimized by grinding and preparation to be upgraded with a dental ceramic shell. This is also an option for too much tooth, but only if there is sufficient volume of enamel.

The tooth position

A big difference in appearance works even if the teeth are out of center or there is too much space between the two front teeth. If the teeth are healthy and good, it is recommended to align with an orthodontic appliance. If the teeth can not be corrected, they are bad or simply do not want to venture into a toothbrush adventure the solution can be a dental floss or a crown.








Time often on the tooth can leave traces that can commonly be repaired with composites on a single visit. It is important to determine the cause of the damage before tooth repair because the composite can be re-cut, so it is important to decide whether to solve the problem with composite compositions or dental flosses and crowns.

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