Dental prosthetics is a part of dentistry that deals with the replacement of lost teeth. Includes fixed and mobile prosthetic works. Fixed prosthetic works are dental replacements to protect or replace one or more missing teeth with the primary purpose of restoring their function and aesthetics. We differentiate several types of fixed prosthetic works,
such as crowns, scales, bridge and fixed implants. Under prosthetic prosthesis, we mean dentures. Complete prostheses are mobile-prosthetic supplements indicated in patients with complete edema. Making such a denture is quick, simple and completely non-invasive. They are made of acrylic base and acrylic or ceramic teeth. Their hygiene is easy to maintain. After meals, it is necessary to wash the denture under the breath of lukewarm water and return to the mouth. Also, there are special, easily accessible fluids for maintaining denture hygiene overnight. Total or partial prostheses completely rehabilitate the patient and establish impaired function and aesthetics. The best option is for patients who are, for health reasons, contraindicated for more complicated complications. The design is invincible, the prosthesis is very stable and comfortable to carry, which makes patients easily accustomed to such an overhaul.