Periodontology is a branch of dental medicine that deals with the health of the supporting structures of the tooth (periodontal). The periodontal consists of dental gums (gingiva), bone and fibers that bind the bone tooth (periodontal ligament).
Barlović Dent provides a professional and quality service for treating all problems related to tooth support structures in collaboration with periodontics specialists.
Conscientious and regular maintenance of oral hygiene reduces the risk of periodontal disease. This involves effectively removing dental floss by proper brushing, using dental floss and rinse aid. If there are no subjective interference, a check review is recommended every 6 months. In this visit, it is also possible to perform professional ultrasound cleaning of soft and hard tooth deposits, and tooth polishing as well as educating the patient on how to properly brush their teeth.
Periodontal disease is in the initial stage painless and without symptoms. It is imperative to contact us if you notice the bleeding and swelling of the gum, the greater the movement of certain teeth, the constant unpleasant odors and the taste, and the change in the upper and lower teeth of the jaw.