Dental implantology is a dental discipline that involves implant placement in the upper or lower jaw bone. Implants are titanium supplements that replace the root of missing teeth. Lack of only one tooth affects the function of the whole chewing system, and can dramatically distort facial aesthetics. Dental implants solve both problems without the need for grinding the surrounding teeth. There are numerous techniques that can replace the missing tooth but none is as functional and durable as the implant. The implant provides the most natural transfer of force, and in the place of tooth loss, the bone disappears (which is normal after the loss of teeth). Implants are used to lose one or more teeth and in combination with other prosthetic 620px solutions. They are very successful in the case of completely nipple jawbones, where bridge crews can be used in patients who would otherwise have to carry mobile prostheses. Dental implants can also serve as full denture anchors, ensuring their stability and allowing the patient a pleasant and safe function. Indications for implants are numerous but it is necessary for an individual approach to each patient.