Barlović Dent provides his patients with orally surgical procedures in a state of the art clinic under strictly controlled sterility conditions. All procedures are performed in local anesthesia and are completely painless.
We perform painless procedures of tooth extraction with the emphasis on keeping the toothbrush and gingival as long as possible.This procedure is very important because the solid structures provide the main support for your implant, bridge or dental prosthesis that leads to the most functional cosmetic results. We perform a wide range of surgical procedures: alveotomy, apicotomy, alveotomy, elevation of sinus lifting, cystectomy, corticotomy, dental implants, augmentation of bone and soft tissue augmentation techniques (GBR, GTR)
Most common procedures in oral surgery are tooth extraction. The reasons for which we have to access the extraction are many: deep roots, advanced periodontitis, extensive inflammatory processes at the root of the teeth, incomplete or incomplete undiagnosed impacts.